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AdMind d.o.o. is a company that offers you the fastest and safest way to buy and sell tickets for all kinds of events in Montenegro through the web portal

The idea that led us to create this site is to provide the organizers and users of our services in one place with high-quality modern support and to successfully respond to the most demanding events and manifestations.

The basis of our offer at the moment is the online sale of tickets for events organized in Montenegro.

In our system, several domestic events are current at any time, which are distributed through the mentioned channels. We provide partner support to music festivals, theaters, concerts, sports events of global importance, live entertainment events and many other events for which tickets/tickets/vouchers are sold. In this way, AdMind d.o.o. as a distributor of tickets for many manifestations, it has become an indispensable partner for all major events and manifestations in Montenegro.

The company AdMind d.o.o. strives to help you get to your events in the easiest and simplest way and to be the first to provide tickets for your favorite musical, sports, cultural or other event. Get information quickly and easily, and be the first to provide the best places for the best pleasure.

AdMind d.o.o

Address: Ilije Milovića 2181400 NiksicMontenegro
Phone: 067014714
PIN: 03145280
VAT: 40/31-03142-2
Mortgage bank: 520-34900-38
Foreign currency account: MontenegroIBAN: ME2552004200000830138:

Who are we?

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