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  • Where can I view your terms of use and privacy statement?
    To view our terms of use and privacy statement, please click here.
  • Are there any additional costs?
    Each ticket becomes valid after full payment of the ticket price and processing costs shown at the time of purchase. VAT is included in the price and there are no hidden costs. Processing costs for the purchase of tickets on the Internet store are calculated at the order level and amount to 5% of the ticket price + 20 cents for the cost of the seat mapping software. Processing costs refer to covering the necessary costs of processing payment transactions via payment cards, as well as administrative, material and other operating costs of AdMind.
  • What if the event is cancelled?
    If the event is cancelled, the Organizer is responsible for refunding the money you paid for the ticket. It does not include shipping costs or other costs incurred during the transaction. The money will be returned only with a confirmation of payment and a copy of the ticket or the received email with a unique code. If the event is extended for another date, the money will not be returned until the moment of complete cancellation of the event by the organizer or unless the Organizer decides otherwise in favor of its customers. For more information CLICK
  • How are tickets delivered?
    After successful payment, the tickets are automatically delivered to the email address you entered during registration. Tickets are delivered in PDF format. file. Tickets must be printed. This system follows the worldwide trend of printing so-called e-tickets (electronically issued tickets). This technology is absolutely reliable and as such is applied in all countries of the world and in all areas, from airlines to clubs and sports events. Tickets are 100% valid and accepted by the organizers. Each ticket contains a unique QR code that is verified at the entrance, either scanned or scanned manually. If you did not bring your ticket or do not have it on your phone, you will not be allowed to enter. Do not copy your ticket as the entrance will be on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • I bought the tickets online but I haven't received the confirmation yet.
    Please check whether our confirmation e-mail has not ended up in an unwanted mail folder (spam, junk, important...). It is also possible that you did not receive a confirmation because you entered the wrong e-mail address or for some other reasons. In that case, contact us via e-mail State your full name, the date of your order and the event in question. We will inform you whether your order is successful or not.
  • After canceling the event, the amount refunded is less than the final amount I paid.
    AdMind is responsible for ticket sales and does not guarantee a refund if the event is cancelled. However, we endeavor to contact the event organizer to arrange a refund. In case of a refund, you will receive the full amount stated on the ticket. Any extra fees incurred (price changes, additional costs, delivery costs, etc.) will not be refunded by AdMind.
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